Friday, September 15, 2017

Cutting-Edge Custom Embroidery at IMPACT Plus

There is a vast selection of uniform manufacturers for comes to choose from in this day and age. However, not all of those manufacturers produce the same kind of quality. The companies that manage to rise above the rest have the industry’s latest equipment at their service. IMPACT Plus is part of that select group, using cutting-edge equipment as part of its custom embroidery service in Charlotte.

embroidery equipment made by the Tajima Group
IMPACT Plus uses embroidery equipment made by the Tajima Group, which is renowned for being among the best in the business. Not many Charlotte corporate uniform companies can say that they own a Tajima machine, which can dramatically enhance the look of all custom embroidery.

Tajima machines operate at a faster pace so that large orders are able to be met in very little time. There is never any waiting around for uniform orders to arrive. Quality is also never sacrificed with speed as these Tajima machines are designed to work both quickly and efficiently.

The Tajima Group has a rich history in the industry. It is a company based out of Japan that first opened its doors in the 1940’s. That long-standing tradition of excellence has elevated The Tajima Group to elite status when it comes to embroidery. These machines do not come cheap, which is another reason they are so effective.

One of the goals of IMPACT Plus is to offer the best custom embroidery services and has spared no expense in doing so. These Tajima machines are considered to be the Rolls Royse of the embroidery world.

There is no denying the quality of embroidery when using a Tajima machine. Tajima machines are equipped with lasers that make cutting much more efficient. When compared to other types of embroidery machines, the lettering produced by a Tajima always looks cleaner and crisper.

Companies who chose to order their corporate apparel through IMPACT Plus uniform programs have the option of taking brand awareness to another level with this high-tech embroidery. The business world is competitive as ever, so every advantage is useful.  That is why it is important to remember that top-quality custom embroidery comes with its share of advantages.

Corporate apparel is more than just a look, it is a statement. That statement can be finished off with an exclamation point at IMPACT Plus as its Tajima machines produce some of the finest custom embroidery on the market.

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